About Sensual Massage

The definition of Sensual Massage is a full body sensual massage that includes massaging the private and revered parts of both male and female. Having said that, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the main intention of this kind of massage is merely physical gratification hence, it is best to note that it is only part of the many benefits of Sensual massage in Singapore.

The main goal of Sensual massage is to bring in balance and harmony in both mind and body. When that happens, many other benefits will follow such as total physical and mental relaxation, improved sexual response and good health.

Another unique feature of Sensual Massage is that, the giver also receives pleasure the same as the receiver. The touches are done in a much lighter and gentler manner compared to the conventional massage making it relatively more intimate and sensual. This massage can be performed from one masseur to another in which most studios employ only highly skilled Tantra professionals that can provide excellent service.

During the course of the massage, it is important that the giver touches the receiver in such a way that pleasures him or her. Satisfaction plays an important role in the course of Sensual massage for proper channeling of energy between the giver and the receiver for a more gratifying session and better connection with the giver.

The idea behind Sensual massage is that when a person is sexually fulfilled, he or she can effectively channel sexual energy all over his or her body, making him or her feel so great where physical boundaries no longer exist, time disappears, problems and pain fades away and worries becomes unimportant and forgotten. Such orgasmic condition is known to have a positive impact on the immune system. While others discovered that they felt more confident and charismatic as they felt harmony from within.

What We Provide:

We provide our clients with remarkable service with our skilled therapist. While Sensual Massage requires physical contact between our therapist and the client as Tantra couldn’t exist without such. We absolutely won’t tolerate sexual intercourse during the entire session. Our therapists are not allowed to provide “full service” as we always treat our clients with utmost respect. Hence, we expect the same respect from our clients.

Your Privacy:

Your privacy is important to us. We will handle it with strict confidentiality. We do not sell or share client information to anyone, especially to a third party group. Hence, rest assured that any personal information collected via our website will remain confidential. Personal conversation too will be privately protected.