Isn’t it wonderful when you and your loving partner choose to do things together? For instance, it can be a casual weekend at the movie while sharing a tub of popcorn or a romantic dinner together at the seaside restaurant. But there are more ways for a couple to enjoy quality time together and one of them is a massage. Typically, traditional massages are performed solo. However, in a couple massage, you and your partner are able to receive soothing comfort of a massage in the same room at the same time from two different masseuses.

During the session, you and your partners have a choice of receiving the same type of massage but we understand that despite being in a relationship, the man and the lady may not have the exact same wants when it comes to a relaxing therapy. If your partner prefers a gentler massage but you want something a little stronger, our masseuses are more than happy to provide the kind of experience both of you are looking for.

A couple massage can evoke a sweet sense of romance while feeling good at the same time as you and your partners are being de-stress by our highly-trained masseuses. Besides, a couple massage can form a positive bond between you and your partner both mentally and physically. This is especially ideal for those who are always busy with their own work schedules. By indulging in a couple massage, both of you will have the opportunity to spend quality time together and feel reconnected as well as rejuvenated at the end of the session. After all, two’s a company.

The best thing about a couple massage that it doesn’t have to be restricted to people in a romantic relationship. This particular massage therapy is also suitable for family members such as father and son or mother and daughter. It can be applied to your best friend or even your close colleague.

So, get pampered with the therapeutic touches from our masseuses. Call us now at +65 8354 7088 to book an appointment. We provide outcall massage services where you have an option of having this performed either at home or the hotel that you are staying.