Massage is a popular technique used by many spas to aid people who seeks for both healing and relaxation. Massage is characterized by rubbing, pressing and manipulating skin, joints, muscles and tendons by the use of hands and fingers. In Singapore, massage industry continuous to grow year after year because people are hooked to its many benefits.

There are many benefits of a good massage. Studies reveal that massage can effectively reduce stress, ease pain and relieve muscle tension. Moreover, there have been many reports that state about massage as a great method to unleash anxiety, relieves headache, treats insomnia associated to stress, cures sports injuries, relieves Myofascial pain syndrome and many others.

Today, massage is not only offered exclusively at massage parlors, luxury spas and health clubs. It is now offered in hospitals, airports, businesses, hotels, homes and many other suitable places. Home massage becomes very popular in Singapore nowadays. This is because many Singaporeans prefer to stay at home during their free time and relax by means of massage at the comforts of their homes.

Home massage service can be seen as more beneficial at times compared to traditional spa, simply because when massage is done at home there is no need for you to go out and travel to your favorite spa. You also don’t need to go through all the hassles of heavy traffic on your way back and forth. Moreover, home massage has many different advantages which are summarized below.

  • Enjoy massage at the comforts and familiarity of your own home
  • Prolong relaxation as you don’t need to travel after the massage
  • Deeper relaxation knowing that you are safe at your own place
  • You will enjoy the total hour/s that you paid for because you are the only customer
  • You will get quality service and enjoy the undivided strength of your therapist

However, you have to be picky in booking for home massage service. It is best to book for therapist that works on spa that is recognized by you and many people. More than anything else you need to ensure your safety, thus, it is important to know who you will let pass your gates and enter into your premise and inside your home.

Singapore Massage is a recognized massage service provider in Singapore. We offer only the finest massage practices with unmatched service coupled with the best natural and blended aromatherapy massage oil enriched with essential oils. All our therapists are proficient and licensed. They are well-groomed, respectful and friendly at the same time, thus it relatively easy for clients to relax and become accustomed to them.

Our clients’ privacy is very important to us and we acknowledge the importance of discretion in this type of service. Hence, all of our clients’ personal information and conversation are handled with highest confidentially. So for you, the best home massage is experience is yet to come so do yourself a favor, call us up and make a reservation and we will reward your effort with the best home massage service that you will never forget.