Usually when you visit a massage parlour, all you do is lie down and relax in a dimly-lit room while the masseuse work her magic with her hands around your tired body. However, have you ever thought of giving the masseuse a massage as well? Welcome to the art of mutual massage – a type of massage therapy that emphasised on the “give-and-receive” technique. To give a clear picture on how a mutual massage really works, here is the scenario: the masseuse will first give you a good massage for a certain amount of time. Then halfway through, the masseuse will switch places and it will be your turn to give her a massage for the remainder of the session.

But what if you are not good in giving someone a massage? Thankfully, you do not have to worry whether or not you are a massage expert to accomplish the feat. This is because our lovely masseuses will guide you gently throughout the process on how to achieve a satisfying, yet relaxing body massage. In another way, you will also be learning what is right and what is wrong during the massage-therapy session. Moreover, you will get to learn as well as observe some of the great, yet useful hand and breathing techniques from the masseuse. These will benefit you when you have the opportunity to give your current or future partner a good massage.

A mutual massage is not just about two individuals given each other a massage; it helps to establish a reciprocal connection between you and the masseuse. After all, communication is one of the vital keys to ensure both parties are in the position of being as comfortable as possible throughout the massage session.

Our highly-trained young masseuses are ever ready to offer you the most unforgettable mutual massage you’ve ever dream of. De-stress now by calling +65 8354 7088 to book an appointment for our outcall massage service. Depending on your preference, we offer 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes for our mutual massage session.