A pair of soft, yet sensual hands from a highly-trained beautiful masseuse that knows how to gently caress around your tense body is definitely a blissful massage experience. Now, imagine when there is not one, but two masseuses giving you the exact massage at the same time.

Such massage therapy is called Four Hands Massage. As the name implicates, the Four Hands Massage involves two masseuses performing soothing massages on one client. Typically, the massage session will be done in a synchronised manner. This in turn, will give you a much more soothing yet sensual experience. This form of massage therapy is especially useful for those who are constantly too stressed out at work or simply wanted to experience the ultimate relaxing experience. After all, there are things when two pair of hands is always better than one, and among them is the Four Hands Massage.

Apart from synchronised massage, you will also be experiencing a varied level of physical touches journeying through your body from our two skilled masseuses. Visualise the experience as one of our masseuses works on the upper part of your body with her deep stroking techniques as the other works on your legs with her caressing methods. No doubt the Four Hands Massage helps stimulate your mental and physical sense into a sensational state of spiritual as well as pleasurable relaxation.

Are you curious on how Four Hands Massage might work wonders on your body? Call us now at +65 8354 7088 to book an appointment. We provide an outcall massage service, whether you wanted it to be performed in the comfort of your own home or the hotel that you are staying. Get ready to be pampered by our masseuses, because this is one-of-a-kind massage experience you can’t afford to miss.